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"Thorpdale Community News" is the print voice of Thorpdale, a very small township in the beautiful rolling hills of the Strzelecki Ranges in West Gippsland, Victoria.  We definitely grow the most magnificent range of potatoes, as well as cabbages, onions, sheep and now apples in the country ... and field the friendliest people!

This newsletter commenced at the Primary School in June 1994 in A5 format, growing to the 36-44 page A4 publication it is today. We've even exchanged the folding of the newsletter from sitting on small school chairs to more adult comfortable ones in private homes!  Warmth was an element there too.   

A small but dedicated band of residents ensure that the information contained in this publication is as correct and up-to-date as possible.   We'd really like to hear what you like (or dislike) about this website and Thorpy News itself, so visit our Guestbook and post a comment.  Constructive criticism never hurts, although compliments are really great too!

To ensure you don't miss a deadline for submitting that all important hatches/matches or despatches story, we have listed deadline reminders on our Calendar page and we would be happy to hear of more events you think should be shared - just email through via the Contact Us page.  

Should you wish to subscribe to this newsletter and have a hard copy mailed to you every publication date (excluding January and April), the cost is $15 which goes a small way to covering the postage.  Just use the Contact Us page providing your name and postal address - and an invoice will be sent with the first issue. Likewise, potential advertisers are welcomed with open arms - every little helps fund this vital and much enjoyed community newsletter; our rates are exceptionally cost-effective and our readership is wider than you would think.



We are indebted to our local businesses who have supported us over the years and have allowed us to grow and increase our circulation.  We actively encourage you to utilise their services whenever you can.

Sponsorship by cost-effetive advertising is always welcome, so please contact the Editor for details.


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Thorpy News Crew:

Editor:         Barbara Butterworth

Treasurer:    Shane Chambers

Team:         Wendy Jennings
                    Jude Robinson
                    Val Blackshaw
                    Kaye Moore

Proofreaders :                                      Wayne Butterworth                          Lynne Willis                                    Brenda Jenkins                              Natasha Hammond-Mara
      Marj Fraser
      Darron Fraser


Able Mechanical & Auto Services
Baw Baw Shire Council
BH Resume Writing
Community Bank Trafalgar
Darren Farrell Contracting
Durkin Produce
GCA Concrete Pty Ltd
Gippsland Wools
John Brown for Tyres
Kennedy Haulage             
P.M. O'Toole Cartage Contractor
Russell & Linda Linn Sawmilling  
Samba Metal Works
Thorpdale Post Office
TKC Mobile Accounting Service Trafalgar Dental Care
Trafalgar Tyre Service
Trentleck Solar
Trevor Sedgman Auto Service
State Government of Victoria